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Hoarseness & Sore Throat - What can you do about a hoarse throat?

"Hoarseness" describes an abnormal change in voice. There are many different forms of hoarseness. Hoarseness may include terms such as raspy voice, breathy, strained, or choppy, or it may describe a voice that frequently cracks or quivers, or may describe changes in loudness or pitch.

Hoarse voice as defined by the terms above can be attributed to different conditions. Some of the most common causes include acute laryngitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux disease, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, vocal cord paresis or paralysis.

Hoarse throat may represent a minor inconvenience to many people, but can be quite troublesome in people rely upon their voice on a daily basis. This latter group does not only consist of singers and vocal professionals (professional speakers, actors, teachers, lawyers, salesmen, telephone operators, etc) but many other people that rely upon their ability to communicate with others (waiters, day care workers, etc).

When being out of work is a problem, please consult with our Voice Specialists at NYU Voice Center.